The Jackson Hole Symposium 2020

The annual Jackson Hole Symposium, organised by the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, kicked off today, 27 August 2020, in what is perhaps the first instance that the Symposium is being held completely online, since its beginning in 1978. The event otherwise is held every year at Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It brings together economists, financial market participants, academics, U.S. government representatives and news media to discuss long-term policy issues of mutual concern.

The theme this year is “Navigating the Decade Ahead: Implications for Monetary Policy”. There are many interesting sessions to look forward to. The opening remarks will be by Jerome Powell, Chair, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System.

The panel discussions today will be on “Why has the trend rate of growth declined?”, “Why are interest rates so low?, and “Crisis Management in the COVID-19 Economic Shutdown”.

Tomorrow, the opening remarks will be by Andrew Bailey, Governor, Bank of England. This will be followed by panel discussions on “Micro Uncertainty and Policy Uncertainty”, “Expectations and Monetary Policy”, and “Post-Pandemic Monetary Policy and the Effective Lower Bound”.

There are interesting speakers to look forward to. Later today, there is Kenneth Rogoff from Harvard University, Philip Lane from the European Central Bank, Tiff Macklem, Governor, Bank of Canada, and Tharman Shanmugaratnam, Chairman, Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Will come back with more reports on some of the panel discussions, if not all.

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